All UK Events since 2005


To supply a team of trained and consistent staff to promote the Chevrolet range across the entire UK.


Since 2005 Aesthetics have been supplying staff to Chevrolet UK. Events include Motor shows, shopping centre promotions, European Touring Cars, British Touring Cars, Conferences, Garden Centres, Exhibitions, County Shows and Tours. Aesthetics source, purchase, store, maintain and distribute all uniforms. In addition to this data capture pads and brochures and vehicle updates are provided to all staff. Aesthetics also book and pay for all accommodation, flights and car hire for all events that are non-local that require trained staff.

In the event of non trained staff being required Aesthetics source local staff. Local staff are provided across the entire UK network form Aberdeen to Penzance. There is no area in the UK that Aesthetics are not able to supply local staff. Aesthetics staff are trained on the entire Chevrolet brand and take both paper and electronic enquiries dependant on the clients request.

Aesthetics also provide stand managers, road show team leaders and supervisors, retail assistants, grid girls, booking desk staff and hospitality staff.

To date Aesthetics have covered over 10,000 event staff days for Chevrolet UK.