All UK Events


To provide animated female teams to encourage fans to try their luck at virtual reality penalty shootouts and additionally text in for a chance to win VIP tickets to the Champions League at all Championship and Premiership Football Clubs throughout the UK.


Up to 35 outgoing attractive female staff were sourced locally at each football club, their aim was to engage fans by causing campaign awareness. Staff were encouraged to sing, play act and dance with guests to get into the spirit of the event. All staff were managed by an Aesthetics staff manager who co-ordinated the days activity and took event photos. Staff profile booklets were created for each venue.

Venues included Hull, Sheffield, Birmingham, Sunderland, Arsenal, Manchester, Ipswich, Glasgow, Wigan, Bolton, Chelsea and many more.

Client comments – ‘Thank you again for such a successful promotion, it worked very well and I was pleased with the new found relationship with Aesthetics’. Further similar campaigns as a result of this success have included L’Oreal, Sky and Barclays

At Aesthetics we love a challenge and FUN is what our staff love and what makes them excited about working for our clients. At Aesthetics we are renowned for building teams for our clients that reflect the brands as they see fit. From road shows, conferences, dealer meetings, national activity, major events and regional events we can service every requirement.