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The launch of Poesia


To provide a team of 20 VIP events staff and 1 x manager to assist with the launch of the MSC Poesia.  MSC Cruises is based in Naples and has offices worldwide. Poesia translates to 'poetry' from the Italian.


Aesthetics provided 25 uniformed staff to assist throughout the 3 day sailing with registration and handling of VIP guests including one of the most famous actresses in the world,  Sophie Loren.  Staff travelled by train from Waterloo to Paris Gare de Nord Station where they then travelled by taxi to Montparnasse station where they boarded  a train to  St Nazaire where they could embark the ship.

MSC  created as much entertainment and creative collateral  throughout the event as possible – with Aesthetics staff assisting on each level. MSC Poesia is just under 964 feet long ( 293.827 mt.). This alone sounds impressive, but to get a more concrete idea imagine 2 pyramids or 5 towers of Pisa laid lengthways! Our new flagship is 106 feet wide (32.308 mt.), the same length as a basketball court. She can travel at 23 knots, 26.41 mph and  weighs an impressive 93.330 tonnes.

This was not a difficult event to staff by any means.  As you can imagine we had a flurry of willing  candidates to take on the roles.