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Giotto by Ferrero – Nationwide Launch


To provide hit squad teams to promote Giotto at all major city centre shopping centres throughout the UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle., Glasgow, Edinburgh, Plymouth and Liverpool.


8 personnel were provided in each city centre location for 4 days including the weekend to receive stock and distribute biscuits to target customers.  Staff also monitored distribution figures  to ensure that weekly reports were with  the Client first thing Monday morning.

Managers  responsibilities included completion of daily reports detailing:  distribution figures, anecdotal feedback , areas sampled – streets/offices , weather reports , Supervisor daily feedback , photographic reporting.  All staff were briefed on the  product to ensure that customers were informed of product specifics.

The event was a huge success and as you can imagine all stocks were depleted earlier than expected.  500,000 Giotto biscuits were given away, that is half a million.  What an achievement!