Manchester United

Manchester United


All home fixtures until 2010


To provide hospitality staff to assist with corporate hospitality guests and to ensure that each guest had an enjoyable match day experience.


Aesthetics provided 25 uniformed staff to assist in the various hospitality facilities and boxes at Old Trafford.  1 team leader was also provided to ensure that all staff arrived on time and to distribute uniforms sourced and provided by the agency.

A consistent team was provided throughout the entire season as this was paramount to the club to ensure that staff built up relationships with  regular clientele.  End of the season guest evaluations highlighted how successful the implementation of regular hostesses complimented their day.  The team also enjoyed working at the stadium and enjoyed being made to feel part of the hospitality team.  Each hostess was allocated to a specific facility and we are proud to say that each facility was staffed with a regular team member throughout the entire season.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints the staffing element was taken in-house.