Parrott Bay

Parrott Bay


National Shorts Day 2013


To supply a fun, loving, confident, outgoing and passionate team of staff of all different looks, genders and personalities to make this event an outstanding one to remember. 


This event saw the Aesthetics Team adopting the holiday vibe wearing shorts! Nearly half (45%) of the nation’s workforce is at boiling point and the main aggravator appears to be a persons wardrobe!

In response to this, Parrot Bay launched a ‘National Shorts Day’. The mission was to create a movement where the stressed out British workforce could adopt the holiday vibe and wear a pair of shorts all in the name of fun. Celebrity icon Luisa Zissman led a conga across Tower Bridge and onto the Parrot Bay frozen beach. The Frozen Beach was filled with many different objects including frozen parrots, frozen palm trees, frozen sun loungers and a frozen Tiki Hut.


The client had specific requirements for the type of staff that would be used in this special event. The staff needed to be all of the following, which was no problem for us to provide!

Aesthetics adopted the brand for the day:-

-  We are a rainbow of fun, vibrant colours and flavours

-  We were born and live in a world of Caribbean escapism

-  We stand for new and unconventional serves that create excitement

-  We do not take ourselves too seriously

-  We are unashamedly cheeky, fun loving and playful