World’s Biggest Deckchair Stunt 2012


Aesthetics Event Staff were delighted to supply 25 stunt staff and 5 film staff members to the Giant sculpture on Bournemouth Beach to celebrate the official start of summer .

The mammoth deckchair, set to break the world record, measures eight and a half metres tall by five and a half metres wide, and weighs almost six tonnes. The seat alone could put a footie goal in the shade. Commissioned by Pimm’s® in celebration of the clocks springing forward to glorious B.S.T. this weekend, the chair can be spotted bringing a ray of sunshine to Bournemouth Beach.


Award winning sculptor, Stuart Murdoch, who created the deckchair, commented:

“The Pimm’s Deckchair has been great fun to work on – summer came early to my workshop – and now to Bournemouth beach. Deckchairs are so quintessentially British, they reflect our personality: they’re iconic and stylish but laced with humour too; anyone who’s ever tried to put one up can tell you that. I’m very confident we won’t see any collapsing today though!

‘that looks awesome and so much fun’, and, ‘summer has started, that means it’s Pimm’s O’Clock!

Emma Sherwood-Smith, spokesperson for Pimm’s, said:

“This year’s Great British summer is set to be massive. With the Diamond Jubilee and a certain international sporting event on the horizon, we’re predicting a huge summer of fun. We wanted to get the ball rolling and, as champions of everything that makes the Great British summer so great, celebrate the start of the season in style. The world’s largest deckchair seemed to be just the ticket.”