Legoland Windsor


To supply a team of consistent and trained staff to represent Fiat at Legoland Windsor in 2011.


Legoland Windsor theme park is the ideal place for families to take their children for the perfect summer‘s day out. The famous attraction park is full of fun packed activities for everyone to enjoy with over 55 interactive rides, workshops, live shows and driving schools which are sponsored by Fiat. All of this is situated over 150 acres of beautiful land. It is over the picturesque surroundings that our Aesthetics team can be found assisting with the promotion of one of the most fashionable cars to hit our roads, ‘Fiat 500’.

Over three weeks Aesthetics had three and an Aesthetics Supervisor present at the stands to represent the Fiat brand.  Each member of staff could be spotted by their bright white fiat uniform which consists of a white t-shirt, white trousers, beige Fiat jacket and a black Fiat cap. The friendly quartet’s sole purpose is to approach anyone that appears interested in the cars that are on display and to answer any questions that may arise regarding the ‘Fiat 500’. There was also goodies being given away that were being handed out by the Aesthetics team.